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Phenomenology and Cognitive Science

Eugenio Borrelli

University of Milano-Bicocca (Milan, Italy)


This page collects international resources on the intersection between phenomenology of Husserlian kind or origin and the new (neuro-)cognitive science, a non-reductionist science of cognition which takes consciousness seriously.

This bibliography has been inspired by the book " Petitot, J.-Varela, F.-Pachoud, B.- Roy J.M. (editors.), Naturalizing phenomenology. Issues in contemporary phenomenology and cognitive science, Standford University Press, Standford (California), 1999".

The page contains also some international Phenomenology Resources (archives, sites, institutes)

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This book is also available free with a Volume 7 subscription to the Journal of Consciousness Studies

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Dan Zahavi - Professor, ph.d., dr.phil., Director of Danish National Research Foundation: Center for Subjectivity Research, University of Copenhagen


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Phenomenology Resources

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Husserl, Edmund, Pure Phenomenology, Its Method and Its Field of Investigation. - Inaugural Lecture at Freiburg im Breisgau, 1917 - Trans. by Robert Welsh Jordan.

Husserl, Edmund, Phenomenology and the Crisis of European Man - From: Edmund Husserl, Phenomenology and the Crisis of Philosophy, Translated by Quentin Lauer.

Husserl, Edmund, The Way Into Phenomenological Transcendental Philosophy From Psychology, from The Crisis of European Sciences


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