Mersenne Marin

<biography, history of philosophy> French priest (1588-1648). Through his own voluminous correspondence, Mersenne kept several early modern philosophers in touch with each other's development. He translated into French the philosophical works of Galileo, Herbert of Cherbury, and Hobbes; he gathered the objections to which his friend Descartes replied in the original edition of the Meditations; and he composed his own reply to the threats of skepticism and atheism in La Ve/rite/ des sciences contre les sceptiques ou pyrrhoniens (The Truth of Science against the Skeptics or Pyrrhonians) (1625). Recommended Reading: Peter Dear, Mersenne and the Learning of the Schools (Cornell, 1995) and Grotius to Gassendi, ed. by Vere Chappell (Garland, 1998).

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