Hart Herbert Lionel Adolphus

<history of philosophy, biography> english legal philosopher (1907-1992) who applied the methods of analytic philosophy to the foundations of jurisprudence in The Concept of Law (1961), rejecting the rival claims of modern legal positivism. Hart's Law, Liberty, and Morality (1963) and The Morality of the Criminal Law (1965) offer a classic defence of the view that private sexual conduct ought not to be subjected to public legislation. He is also the author of Punishment and Responsibility (1968) and Essays on Bentham (1982), both of which examine details of the utilitarian moral theory. Recommended Reading: Michael Martin, The Legal Philosophy of H.L.A. Hart: A Critical Appraisal (Temple, 1991) Eric J. Boos, Perspectives in Jurisprudence: An Analysis of H. L. A. Hart's Legal Theory (Peter Lang, 1998) N. MacCormick, H. L. A. Hart (Stanford, 1981) Law, Morality, and Society: Essays in Honour of H. L. A. Hart (Oxford, 1996) Michael D. Bayles, Hart's Legal Philosophy: An Examination (Kluwer, 1992).

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