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FOLDOP is a searchable dictionary of technical words, concepts, acronyms, ideas, theories and some jokes in philosophy. As the name indicates, it is based on FOLDOC,, the Free On-line Dictionary of Computing edited, by Denis Howe. Without Denis' help and technical support FOLDOP would have never been possible.

The engine and design of FOLDOP are copyright 1993 by Denis Howe.

The philosophical contents of FOLDOP are copyright 2001 by Luciano Floridi, unless an entry is a quotation, in which case the source to which the copyright belongs, is indicated.

Permission is granted to make and distribute verbatim copies of this dictionary or works derived from it, provided that every such copy or derived work carries the above copyright notice and is distributed under terms identical to these. Individual definitions from this dictionary may be used without restriction provided no more than twenty are used in any one work.

Please refer to the dictionary as "The Free On-line Dictionary of Philosophy Version 2.4.,, Editors Luciano Floridi, Gian Paolo Terravecchia".

Entries are cross-referenced to each other and to related resources elsewhere on the net.

Cross-references to other entries look like this. Note that not all cross-references actually lead anywhere yet, but if you find one that leads to something inappropriate, please let me know. Dates after entries indicate when that entry was last updated. They do not imply that it was up-to-date at that time.

You can search the latest version of the dictionary by WWW URL <>. If you find an entry that is wrong or inadequate please let me know by sending an email to <>, <>.

See Pronunciation for how to interpret the pronunciation given for some entries.


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