Fourier Jean - Baptiste Joseph

<mathematics, philosophy of science, physics>, <mathematical function, analysis, series of Fourier> French Egyptologist and mathematician (1768-1830). In his Theorie analytique de la chaleur (The Analytical Theory of Heat) (1822) Fourier demonstrated the use of infinite series for calculation of the conduction of heat. Accompanying Napolean's army into Egypt, he devoted his later years to archaeological research and occasional essays. Recommended Reading: John Herivel, Joseph Fourier: The Man and the Physicist (Clarendon, 1984); Who Is Fourier?: A Mathematical Adventure, tr. by Alan Gleason (Blackwell, 1995); Morris Kline, Mathematical Thought from Ancient to Modern Times (Oxford, 1990); M. J. Lighthill, An introduction to Fourier analysis and generalized functions (Cambridge, 1958).

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